Starboard invites new industry partners to participate in the “iQFOiL White Board” Program.

By applying the “white board” concept, the iQFoil class, IWA and Starboard have fast tracked the opportunity for industry partners to apply for iQFoil hulls to be branded in their own unique way, allowing the industry as a whole to be part of Olympic windsurfing the first time since the sport was introduced as an Olympic discipline in Los Angeles in 1984.

This program will run in addition to the class implementation of the World Sailing Olympic Equipment Policy which will allow other manufacturers that meet the necessary technical qualifications and regulatory requirements to produce certain iQFOiL components more information on that soon to be released.

Interested parties can contact for more details on how to apply to participate in the White Board Program and its eligibility requirements.

Svein Rasmussen
Starboard Windsurfing