How accurate is my iQFOiL equipment?

The beauty of racing with One Design equipment is that the best sailor wins. We as the producers of the new Olympic equipment feel the necessity to honour that concept as much as we can.

We know how much effort, hours of training and resources go into campaigning for an Olympic medal, so we must provide the most accurate/fair gear we can. Let the best sailor win!

How we do that?

We took a step further with our suppliers and factories, demanding more quality controls checks on the materials and more QCs at different stages during the building process.
We studied what the max affordable tolerances one could allow without affecting onwater performance. Anything that crosses that threshold does not leave the factory.

What happens when a product is ready?
When a product is ready and complies with the extreme narrow tolerance, a QR Code sticker is placed on it. This code contains holds all of the measurement data of the product. That data gets loaded into an APP that we developed.

The QR code sticker has the iQFOiL serial number printed on it, which has the format “SB 123 456”. Each item, be it a wing or a mast or a board, has a QR code sticker with the iQFOiL serial number on it and one factory serial number (traditional serial numbers that we normally see).

The QR code sticker will help measurers at events to control the equipment. They will just need to scan the code to get all the information of that specific item. They can measure the equipment there and compare to the values from the factory, so they will know if the equipment has gone through some modifications.