Events, clinics confirmed and other important news

Switzerland will host the first-ever iQFOiL European Championships from the 21-26 of August.

Silvaplana is one of the best locations in the world to go foiling. Being located in central Europe, it will make it possible for most of the sailors to come by car and avoid taking expensive flights.

The event will be part of the prestigious Engadinwind by Dakine ’20 which include several foiling events such as our inauguration Invitational Regatta (15th-16th August) with worldwide stars over the first weekend in St. Moritz and as well our first stop of the Junior/Youth/Coach clinic and race tour (27th -30th August) where we will have over 45 sets of junior/youth gear available for the last weekend.

We expect a lot of participation from junior and youths from France, UK, Holland, Latvia, Spain and Italy.

The second stop of our Junior/Youth/Coach clinic and race tour will be in Holland from the 4th-6th of September

The third stop will be in Puerto Sherry, Spain from the 18-20 of September followed by the fourth stop in Lake Garda from 15-18 of October.

There will also be the fifth event on this tour which will take place in Miami, USA from 9-12 of October.

You can sign up for the Junior/Youth/Coach clinic and race events right here below.

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Many of you are in the process of receiving the sails or have received them already.

We decided to include on the sails a piece of auto adhesive clear film for the area above batten #6 where the adjustable outhaul rubs the mono film. It will extend the life of the sail. This is an extra durability feature that we provide with the sail at our cost. We will add extra ones on future orders for the sailors that received the sails without it.

We have noticed sailors used to other brands’ equipment may be over-tightening the booms.  This is completely unnecessary on SEVERNE masts with SlipLok, and it’s important to note that breakage at the boom area is NOT covered by warranty.

SlipLok is a texture added to the boom area of SEVERNE masts to increase friction for less slippage. This eliminates the need to overtighten the boom, decreasing stresses on the mast.

The SEVERNE boom with the Lockjaw front end only requires a minimal closing force to attach securely to the mast without sliding.  You should not apply more than 10-15kg of pressure to close the lever. This can be done easily with two fingers.

A lot of the customers receiving the equipment come from the RS:X Class where the boom needed a lot of pressure to prevent it from sliding down. We don’t need that amount of pressure on our Lockjaw front end! Applying the same pressure as they use to do in RS:X will damage the mast.

Please recommend your customers to check all the Product Care information on our iQFOiL dedicated website.

Battens are counted from top to bottom. Top batten will batten #1 and bottom batten will be batten #7. You can get spare battens with your distributor/dealer. We recommend that you order already assembled battens.

When getting spare battens we recommend you to get the batten already assembled. So you could order batten #3 for the 8.0 HGO and you will receive the batten already assembled ready to use.


We offer two clew positions in the sail. You can get an extra removable Outhaul hook which will enable you to change clew positions in the water really easily.

We have seen the excitement of many sailors that have received the equipment so far, so we are very happy they are enjoying it. The foils and boxes of the boards go through a lot of stress when landing back in the water.

We have seen some sailors standing far out on the board and using the board as leverage pushing the mast up, to bring up the sail. This might damage the board as it will put a lot of tension to the lower section of the sail, specifically the extension area. Please avoid doing this.

The iQFOiL Equipment is designed on a really high tech level of construction to enable high performance. We had taken extra care on adding reinforcements on all the key areas, even if our Team Riders had not had any issues at PWA events. The iQFOiL equipment is top of the line performance gear and should be treated as such.