After a successful first iQFOiL European Championship, the iQFOiL team is in the Netherlands for an iQFOiL Junior and Youth clinic.

It is time for all of the junior and youth racers to shine on the iQFOiL equipment. This weekend, youngsters below 19 years had the chance to experience the iQFOiL class equipment first hand.

15 youngsters from the Netherlands, Belgium and France took part in this weekend event which offered an introduction into this. new class as well as top-class coaching. 

The Junior and Youth iQFOiL equipment is specially designed for young riders to be able to get the same level of enjoyment our of foiling while battling it out on the racecourse.

The iQFOiL Junior Board is slightly smaller than the senior board while relying on the same ideology as the senior board while the Junior rig is a super light version of the senior rig with fewer battens. It also rigs on an RDM mast making the sail extremely easy to handle. 

Apart from some great coaching from world-class sailors, this event also included a small race which was won by Hidde van der Meer from the Netherlands.

1st U13: Fin Brull (NED)
1st U17: Joachim Defives (FRA)
1st U19: Hidde van der Meer (NED)
1st Lady: Anne Steenbrink (NED)